Thursday, 1 December 2016

Pastor and Bishop

Titus 1:7, 8, 9 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre; But a lover of hospitality, a lover of good men, sober, just, holy, temperate; Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.

In the Catholic Church (Roman Catholic - the largest Catholic denomination) the church hierarchy goes as follow:

Pope - Chief of the Roman Catholic Church, who overlooks the Cardinals and the RC as a whole. He sits in Vatican City [which is a country /independent state in itself]. He is both monarch and spiritual head that is why has a religious crown. By the Catholic he is considered infallible and Christ in the flesh, he is also considered to have authority not only over people on earth but also over Angels in Heaven. He is final authority on all things and can change scriptures, as well as traditions of the RC Church [which overrule scriptures].

Cardinals - He is appointed by the Pope and there are 178 Cardinals [as of today]. He overlooks Archbishops, normally there is one Cardinal per country but that depends on the population of Catholics in that country or its political influence.

Archbishop - overlooks a diocese / archdiocese and has Bishops reporting to him. A Cardinal can also hold the post of Archbishop.

Bishop - is the actual ordained priest of the Catholic Church. He is a teacher of church doctrine, a priest of sacred worship, and a minister of church government.

Priest:  Is a minister ordained by the Bishop to administer most of the Catholic sacraments, including the Eucharist, baptism, and marriage. He is committed to serving the congregation [ordinary people / Catholics]. So he is a substitute or extension of the Bishop.

Deacon: A transitional deacon is a seminarian studying for the priesthood. A permanent deacon can be married and assists a priest by performing some of the Catholic sacraments.

In all this you will be surprised there is actually one post of Bishop. It is the Bishop of Rome who is anointed as Pope. All the other posts were made for administrative purposes. The Catholic Church tried to continue the Jewish format of Priest, High Priest and Chief High Priest.

Biblically according to OT all Levites were anointed to be priests and the one overseeing them was the High Priest. As they broke up and settled as per their various tribes each settlement had a set of Levites [who were not given inheritance so shared with others] and a High Priest, later they set one High Priest above all others and called him the Chief High Priest.

The Believer Church after the Reformation movement came out of the RC Church but carried many things from that church. Today we have the Believers having posts in their church that is of Bishop / Pastor, following the Catholic Bishop / Priest format.

Before the coming of Christ and the Holy Spirit being given to the Church [Callings are connected to the Holy Spirit] all the various Callings were not revealed therefore the Administration Calling was done by the High Priest / Bishop which the Greek word ‘episkopos’ means overseer. He is appointed as administrative head of a congregation and as per today’s message is a person of great responsibility therefore needs to be a person of sound character. The Church is a body thus worked and works as a corporation. During the time of Apostles there were 5 persons who over looked the whole Church namely Peter, John, James, Paul and Barnabas. This team was further divided into two with Peter, John and James looking after the Jewish origin Christians and with Paul and Barnabas looking after the Gentile origin Christians.

Coming to post of Pastor, any person who leads another in spiritual matters is known as a Pastor [shepherd], so any and every one who is ministering to others is a Pastor. It is not a title or post as made to be understood today.

The book of Revelation does mention the Jewish system of Nicolaitans [a system bought into Christianity by a Jewish heretic named Nicolas, who was active during the times of the Apostles] would dominate 4 stages / periods of 7 stages / periods of the Church.

Let us open our eyes for the time of change has come. We are moving for the 5th period of evangelism into the 6th period of all churches coming together as one body. Let us walk according the plans of God for it is only when we abide in it will it manifest the glory of God.

[Prayer Starter]
Lord You are Almighty God and even before when You created this creation your Word says You saw it. Lord everything You do is with plan and all your plans are good. We pray Lord we do not divert from your plans and comply with them. Help us Lord to bring correction and thus manifest your glory on earth as it is in Heaven...

This prayer we make in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

[Reference System]
Revelations 2:6,15
6  But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.
15  So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate.

Galatians 2:9  And when James, Cephas, and John, who seemed to be pillars, perceived the grace that was given unto me, they gave to me and Barnabas the right hands of fellowship; that we should go unto the heathen, and they unto the circumcision.

Act 6:5 And the saying pleased the whole multitude: and they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost, and Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas a proselyte (new comer) of Antioch:

Dated 13 Nov 2016
Bro Rollwyn

Beware when these happen to you

1. Beware When prayer becomes a difficult thing for you.

2. Beware When fasting is becoming a history in your spiritual timetable.

3. Beware When you no longer enjoy reading the word of God.

4. Beware When attending church programme is becoming a burden rather than a blessing for you.

5. Beware When living a life of holiness is appearing like extremism.

6. Beware When sinful living becomes a lifestyle in the name of grace.

7. Beware When you crave for earthly things rather than the things of God.

8. Beware When waking up in the night to pray is becoming a thing of the past.

9. Beware brethren, when your heart no longer desires to see the Lord Jesus one day.

10. Beware when you eat more than pray

11. Beware when you no longer share the word with others.

12. Beware When u start diluting the preaching Word of God to keep people around you.

13.  Beware When you spend more time on Facebook, whatsapp, twitter, and internet. These things become idols and take the place of God.

14. Beware when you are very spiritual outside but inside full of spiritual dryness..

15. Beware when you have more carnal friends than spiritual friends..

16. Beware When you ignore messages such as these.

Beware of all these, brethren. Satan isn't resting. We too must be vigilant.

Lets prepare, Jesus is coming soon to take those who are eagerly waiting for him.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Wedding Gift

She married him today. At the end of the wedding
party, her mother gave her a newly opened bank
savings passbook, with $1000 deposited in it.

She told her, "My dear daughter, take this passbook. Keep it as a record of your married life. Whenever something
happy and memorable happens in your new life, put
some money in. Write down what it's about next to the
amount. The more memorable the event is, the more money you can put in. I've done the first one for you today. Do the others with your husband. When you look back after many years, you will know how much happiness you've both shared.'

She shared this with
him after getting home. Both of them thought it was a
great idea and couldn't wait to make the next deposit!
This is what the passbook looked like after a while: -
7Feb: $100, his first birthday celebration after marriage
1 Mar: $300, she gets a salary raise
20 Mar: $200, vacation
15 Apr: $2000, She's pregnant!
1 Jun: $1000, He gets the big promotion and so on...

However, as the years went by, they began fighting
and arguing over trivial things. They didn't talk much.

They regretted that they had married the most nasty
person in the world. There was no more love.

One day she talked to her Mother. 'Mom, we can't stand it anymore. We have decided to divorce. I can't imagine how I decided to marry this guy!'

Her mother replied, 'Sure, that's no big deal. Just do whatever you want, if
you really can't stand it.

But before that, do one thing remember the savings passbook I gave you on your
wedding day? Take out all money and spend it first.
You shouldn't keep any record of such a poor

She agreed with her mother. So she went to the bank, and was waiting in the queue to cancel the account.

While she was waiting, she took a look at the passbook record. She looked, and looked, and looked. Then the memory of all the previous joyful moments came back to her. Her eyes were filled with tears.

She left and went home. When she got home, she handed the passbook to her hubby and asked him to spend the money before getting divorced.

So the next day, he went to the bank, and was waiting in the queue to cancel the account. While he was waiting, he took a look at the passbook record. He looked, and looked, and looked. Then the memory of all the previous joyful moments came back to him. His eyes were filled with tears.

He left and went home. He gave the passbook back to her. She found a new deposit of $5000. And a line next to the record: 'This is the day I realized how much I've loved you throughout all these years. How much happiness you've brought me.' They hugged and cried, putting the passbook back into the safe.

Marriage is not a game, it's not easy but it's beautiful. You will fight and argue, this is normal, because the both of you came from different
background, different homes and you both were raised by
different parents, beliefs and moral. So you cannot expect that everything you say will be accepted by your spouse without their opinion being tendered first. So before you give up, think back to the good times and to what brought you together in the first place.

Dedicated to all married couples.

Please forward to your married children too.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Satanic ritual abuse survivor's amazing testimony

The following is a shortened-version of my testimony. My book, I Choose Jesus, is about my life's testimony. It's available on Amazon.

Imagine having to fight from early childhood to serve Jesus...imagine having to fight against lucifer himself. Now, imagine surviving this and living a life fighting the darkness. Imagine being a five and six year old girl and wanting only to follow Jesus yet being tortured for it - this isn't a testimony of somebody in the Middle East or China. This is my testimony: a little girl from America encountering severe persecution and torment for following Jesus. I have shared portions of my testimony before and my closest friends know my testimony but I felt like it was time to share my testimony here.I recently wrote a book, I Choose Jesus, about my entire testimony - this is just a shortened version. What you are about to read may shock and scare you, that is if you have no prior knowledge or experience with the cult. But, I want to share my story in hopes that somebody somewhere will not give up - no matter what you are going through.

Infancy and Toddler years

I come from a long line of black magick. My biological " donors" (whom have never earned the title of parents) both had satanic blood lines. Her family was involved in the Illuminati ( in the top 100 families) and his family was in the top 33 families of the Illuminati. Anyhow, back to my story, if you know anything about the way luciferianism works you will know that babies, inside their mom's womb, have curses placed upon them just from being created for luciferianism. Yes, even demons are called upon the children in the womb so that when they are born they are demonized. This is what they wanted me to be. You see, he wanted to sacrifice me when I was only a few months old. Usually, babies are sacrificed between seven and nine months. When I born, I was very sick - I believe God used this for my advantage. What I mean is that, although they were able to start abusing me during infancy, they could not fulfill all that they planned. A few weeks after I was born, Child Protective Services pulled me out of there. I always feel like, even though CPS is evil, Jesus used them for my good - otherwise, I would have been sacrificed, too. I was then shipped off to the foster care system. I was in and out of several foster homes. However, the one that I was at before I was adopted was the worst - they were xesually and ritualistically abusive to me. They were plants, who tried to get me to be dedicated as a bride of satan - I found out later they were in the same branch of luciferianism as my biological donor was in. They were given me specifically to try to junk me up. Because I had not been sacrificed, they decided to dedicate me as a bride of lucifer's. I will not go into details about the ceremony, for it was very evil and dark, but what I can say is they called many demons into me at that point - in hopes that later on, when I actually had a "wedding ceremony" to him that I would be a willing follower of lucifer's.

That is the point when lucifer began to attack me - the torment from demons began at that point. I remember being a toddler and being hurt so badly by demons. Back to my story - the Lord intervened and my parents were notified that I was available to be adopted - here's a cool story, the Lord had shown them what I would look like. Amazing, huh? They came to see me, fell in love, and I moved in with them a few weeks later. I was spared from further SRA for several years. My parents are Spirit - filled Christians who were, at the time, going to a church where revival meetings were taking place. I believe that is where I got a deposit of my calling as a revivalist, just sitting on the floor at two and three years old listening to revival services; being soaked in God's presence. It was amazing.

Salvation and Preaching

My parents tried to have me come to Jesus on July 4, 1993 but because I was so tormented by demons, I didn't want anything to do with Him. However, that night, Jesus came to visit me in my room... He showed me His Love for me... the next morning, He super-ceded the demons and I wanted my mommy to lead me to Jesus. This occurred only a few weeks after I turned three. It was immediately that I began to have a fire burning in me to preach the Gospel. In fact, it was right after I turned four - just a year after getting saved - that I began to go to grocery stores and restaurants and preached His Gospel. I would ask the cashiers and waitresses if they knew Jesus. Some were touched and got saved - some were offended. But, like my daddy said...they could never stop me from preaching; it burned so deeply in me. I remember so often from three-five that I would have these revelations about eternity. I would simply know that people would spend eternity with Jesus or with satan. I use to cry myself to sleep, as a child, feeling the pain of how people would feel if they didn't choose Him. I guess I can say I was always called to be an evangelist.

Persecution Begins
I did have some abuse from the time I was adopted 'til the beginning of Kindergarten ("family" members and the like), but it wasn't as horrific as when I started school - some of my extended family members xesually abused me. But, when I started Kindergarten, the abuse heightened. This is when I began to be persecuted for Jesus. My parents sent me a private "Christian" school - which was principaled by the "pastor" (notice the quotes around those words...many can say they follow Christ but just because they say it doesn't mean they do) of the church. This pastor was also a mason and so, he and his wife began to abuse me. It started out slow but shortly, it became ritualistic. They would rape and xesually abuse and then, they told me they would stop if I denied Jesus as my Savior - apparently, I "preached" too much for them and they wanted to shut me up. I told them no matter what they did to me I would never deny Jesus. They continued to ritualistically abuse me, do rituals on me, and xesually hurt me. By the first grade, my mom got deathly sick and they told me if I ever told my parents what they were doing, that my mom would die from the sickness. Of course, being six years old, I didn't know any better. There were many times I wanted to tell her but I was afraid - she, along with my daddy and gram, were my only friends...the only people in my life, I couldn't lose them. In first grade, this "pastor" finally did a wedding ceremony on me to satan - if you remember from earlier, I had been dedicated as a bride. In luciferianism, the child is usually about six years old when they have a wedding ceremony done. Again, I will not into the graphic details, but I will tell you this - satan showed up. That was my first experience with lucifer. Lucifer told me I needed to deny Christ, but I didn't. Therefore, I was not only being persecuted by humans but by satan himself.

Programming and MK Ultra

You can research MK Ultra, if you want - it is governmental mind control that is performed upon children who are SRA survivors. It tries to create the child to be a slave to the Illuminati's every whim. Well, I had this done to me at the next school I went to. Due to my mom's sickness, I had to switch schools for second and third grade. The principal of that school was related to Joseph Stalin. He had also been in the military - so, he knew all about how to program people. Programming is a long and complicated thing which will take hours to explain, so I suggest you research it, if you are interested. Programming is done by traumatizing a child - usually through severe xesual abuse. This principal, along the assistant principal, several teachers, the school nurse, and the counselor were all involved in the Illuminati/cult. They worked together to abuse and torment me. I would go to the nurse's office almost every day and she would drug me with drugs - I do not know which form, but I do know that from how I explained it to people who used to be drug addicts, they said it sounded like LSD (which is a common drug used for programming). I was drugged in the morning and would be better when I got home. This made me nervous, afraid, anxious... again, they tried to tell me they would stop abusing me IF - AND ONLY IF - I denied Jesus as my Savior. I didn't. They would have these classes in school telling people to worship trees and mother earth, I refused to do it and ran out of class - they then tortured me. My parents never knew about the Mk Ultra and programming until I told them years later (when I could make sense of things) - but one time, I came home from school covered in diarrhea because the school made me sit in it all day. My parents wanted to sue, but the area we were in was so infiltrated - so I finished second and third grade there, then, I was homeschooled. I was called as a revivalist at 7 years old after having a vision and encounter with Him.


Once I was homeschooled, the constant abuse stopped for a few years - however, when I was nine years old, my cous gang raped and abused me. I began to self harm myself at nine years old due to this incident. Then, when I was eleven they - along with my other cousin - gang raped me again. I got pregnant.  I was only a few months past my eleventh birthday and I got pregnant. It was during this time that I fell apart. Anyhow, I ended up having a miscarriage a few months later. I must say I was thankful for my daughter going to heaven (I named her Gem) - I was thankful because she would not be hurt like I was. She was safe with Jesus. I began to have horrific health problems at this point BECAUSE I was pregnant so young. Ever since then, I have struggled with many sicknesses.

Church Abuse and the Dark Night of the Soul
Around this same time, I was going to a church and this lady, who was a youth leader, turned out to be a witch, as well. You see, dark witches and satanists have an understanding that - no matter where a person goes - they must be abused. I do not understand how they network works but I do know that no matter where I moved, they seemed to find me and abuse me. This leader was no different - one night, I was just wanting to worship Jesus and she wanted me to play fear factor with the youth group, but I didn't want to. I had just been filled with the Spirit and was becoming lovesick for Jesus. So, she grabbed me by the arm, slammed me into a wall (which broke the plaster, by the way, that's how hard she threw me), and began to scream at me. She told me God hated me, I was going to hell, and that I needed deliverance because I talked about God too much (do you see a common denominator here, yet?). I was shocked, I do not understand what happened next but from that day forward for five years, I entered in the Dark Night of the Soul (which I wrote about in my book Desolation to Consecration). Her words affected me and demons from her began to piggy-back on me. For five years, I could not feel His presence or hear His voice (other than prophetic dreams about things that were happening in the world). I was devastated. I cried out every night, for five and a half years, for like four to six hours every night begging God to come and encounter me. Not only was I not feeling or hearing Him, but the tormented heated up during this time. This is a whole story in itself for another day or you can read my book.

High School

I began public school again my freshman year. The first day I walked into school, the bullying began. I had my Jesus bracelet on and one of the boys in homeroom started making fun of me for being a Jesus freak. He mocked me and kept asking if I was a Jesus freak. I, of course, told him yes. He made everybody in my homeroom make fun of me. The teasing started slowly, mostly just with those in my homeroom until about a month into school. I was in my English class in Oct. 2004 and my English teacher wanted us to read a book out loud, taking turns. I refused to do it for it mocked Jesus and took His Name in vain. She was infuriated with me. She did all kinds of crazy things to me about it but I still said, no I will not diss my Savior. I will not take His Name in vain. It was that day that marked the beginning of the torment in high school. By the end of the day, my entire grade heard about what I had said and they began mocking me, cussing Jesus' Name in front of me, and putting gum on my seat.

The gum thing led to bigger problems - by the end of the next week, the entire school knew about what happened and people I didn't even knew who they were wrote me hate notes, threw things at me in the hallway, did xesual things to me, cursed at me, threatened to rape me, all kinds of things. Soon, the death threats came. The first death threat came around Christmas break my freshman year. I opened my locker (my lock had been stolen by some of my bullies) and there was a death threat written to me. I went to the counselors and they laughed at me, told me it wasn't a big deal but then, they ended up ushering all the kids out of school (or locking down the school), sometimes, I got a death threat. THEY tried to get me to deny Jesus, as well. But, again, I never would. By my junior year, I had a person tell me they had a gun in school and would kill me with it. Satan came to school and I saw him walking through the halls, he was laughing at me. I prayed in tongues. It was a few minutes later that I found the gun threat. Our school was locked down but I was forced to remain in class with everybody (as if that was safe - who was to say the person with the gun wasn't in class with me?). It was around that time He began to talk to me  heavily about martyrdom. My life was meant only for Him and I was willing to die for Him

At this point, I struggled every day with self - harm, an eating disorder, and self hatred. At the end of my junior year, I attempted suicide. But, as I was above my body (not sure if I was dying or I was high, whichever whatever...) He told me, "Hepzibah, it is not your time to come home yet, I have too many things for you" and He put me back into my body.

Because we lived in such a small community, there were no other schools around and I could not be homeschooled again - but my senior year, we found another Christian school in the town over from us. I was bullied there, too, even had death threats but it wasn't as bad as the other school.

Finally, toward the last few months of high school, the Dark Night lifted and He flooded me with His Presence. During this time, the Lakeland Revival was going on and I could not stop watching it. I was so touched by God there - in fact, that made me get bullied at the Christian school because they said I was too crazy for Jesus. As if ANYBODY can be too crazy for Jesus ;-) For my 18th birthday, we went to Lakeland (which just so happens to be where I was born, imagine that...full circle) and I got wrecked! For the next two years, I was blasted and consumed by His Presence daily. I was constantly drunk in His Love. It was amazing. In 2009, the Lord told me to start ministry full time and I did. I ended up having this huge online ministry - between my Facebook and youtube, I got to minister to over 750,000 people! It was incredible! My youtube videos were even put on secular tv (many got saved from those videos...). It was amazing. Holy Spirit was pouring His presence out greatly. However, in 2010 this all stopped. You see, the cult has this time in a person's life where they must "willingly" follow satan or die - this is called a "call-back". My age was 20. Throughout my life, I did not think I would live past my 20th birthday because of this. I made a declaration that I was a member of Jesus' bride on my birthday, I even took pictures in my wedding dress with my wedding ring on for Jesus. Yes, I lived passed June 19, 2010 but entered into an intense season of warfare. Because I did not follow satan at that time, I began to be tortured by the demons and lucifer again - true, this had never stopped but intensified after my 20th birthday. Lucifer himself came to me and said, "if you do not deny Jesus, I will make you sick." Again, I didn't...they are wasting their time, I will never deny Jesus. But, hence, I got cancer. I began to be sick around this time. I even died and was resurrected several times (oh how amazing it was to be with Jesus...sigh). The torment was constant, the luciferians got involved and began to harass and attack me, as well. I was very broken, so much pain emotionally, physically, and spiritually...but I decided to use their abuse to minister to them - I minister to them about Jesus. At first, they wouldn't get saved but now, thousands of cult members have been saved. All thanks to Jesus.

You see, we should never hate those who hurt us - I have seen first hand what Jesus' love does to a person. I have seen Him change even my worst abusers. Am I sick still? Yes. He healed me from Multiple Myeloma a few years back but, now, I deal with bone cancer. Do I still deal with warfare daily? Yes. But, it is all for the glory of God. I magnify Him in my sufferings because He told me, when I was in heaven, the following (and this is true for you, too)

Jesus has said to me, "everything they do to you, they do to Me - for I Am in you."

If you glean anything from my testimony, please know that He is never ever ever to be given up matter how bad your torment is.

If you would like to find out more about my ministry, please go to

Jesus adores you and I am praying for you. Feel free to inbox or e-mail me with your prayer requests or questions.

Check out my book, I Choose Jesus, as well.

Hepzibah <3

Monday, 31 October 2016

Woman who cleaned the church so sincerely

She is always at the church premises by 6am wearing some faded jeans, an old T shirt and some slippers. She always comes to clean the seats, arranging them, decorating the  pulpit and clean the place when ever it is dirty

For six years she has never missed a single Sabbath coming to clean the place.

One Sabbath a young man in a suit walked into the church while she was still arranging the chairs. He went and sat down watching as the lady was  working.

He was impressed that a lady who looked quite good even in the old cloths and a scarf over her hair could be so dedicated to her work in church. He thought within himself that this was an unfortunate lady who probably had not gotten anyone to take care of her schooling and now she would probably be an orange seller or some petty trader struggling to make ends meet.

He watched and within his heart he felt he now knew what God wanted him to do. When he had felt a compulsion to come very early to church he had not understood but now he thought he did.

He went back to his car and took out two $50 notes and when the lady finished her work and was about to leave he called her and commended her for her service and gave her the notes.

She respectfully declined the gift but he insisted pressing it into her hands. He asked if she lived close by or if he could go drop her so she would not be late for the morning devotion.

She thanked him and told him that her car was out side, but he did not comprehend or even try to understand what she had just said. He walked her out determined to find out all he could about this lady that God wanted him to help change her level.

They walked out of the church with him telling her where he worked and how God had asked him to come early to church that day and how he believed God is directing him to help make a big difference in her life. He was so busy talking he had not realized they had walked directly to a BMW car parked under some trees in the parking lot.

The car made his one year old Benz look like a worn out wheel barrow.

The lady opened the driver’s door stepped in and handed over her card to the man and said, “I believe God sent you here for a purpose, but I do not think it was to change my level, May be it was to change yours.”

I am tempted to say it took a forklift to shut the young man's mouth and move him from the place he was glued to as the lady drove off. God had a purpose for bringing him to church that morning and that purpose was to teach him humility which he learnt well because now two people always clean the chapel when everyone fails to show up.

Many times we think so highly of ourselves that where God sends us to learn we go trying to teach.  We always imagine ourselves as teachers, never as students.

We may be men created in the image of God but at one time ants shall be the professors seeking to impart knowledge to us only if we are humble enough to learn.

Teach us, Oh teach us  to be humble  Lord.  Stay blessed, be humble, trust and obey.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Samosa vala and the Manager

#Great LifeLessons,
Must be read all!!!

In Delhi, there was a Samosa vendor. His shop was in front of a Big company. His Samosa was so tasty. Most of the employees use to eat that samosa at lunch time.
One day, a Manager came to that guy selling samosas. While he was eating samosa he comes in the fun mood.
He asks a question: You have maintained your shop so nicely and have good management skills. Don’t you think that you are wasting your talent and time by selling just Samosas?
Think, if you were working like me in any big company, you would have been a manager like me, isn't it?
Poor samosa guy, he smiled at the manager and said awesome lines.
Sir, I thought my work is better than your work. Do u know why?
10 years back I used to sell samosa in tokari (Leaf basket). At same time you got this job. That time I was earning Rs. 1,000 in a month and your salary was 10K.
In this 10 years of journey, we did progress a lot.
I owned a shop and became famous 'samosa-wala' in this area and you became a manager.
Now you are earning Rs.1 lakh while I am earning same and sometimes more than you. So surely, I can say that my work is better than yours.
It’s because of my kids future.
Let me explain –
Please pay close attention to my word. I started my career at lowest income. my son doesn’t have to suffer the same. One day my son will take over my business. He doesn’t have to start from 0. He will get fully established business, but in your case, the benefits will be taken by your boss kids, not by your kids.
You can not offer your same post to your son or daughter. They have to start from zero again. Whatever you have suffered 10 years ago, your kids have to suffer the same.
My son will extend my business from now and when your kid will be manager my son will be far away.
Now tell me who is wasting the Talent and Time.
Manager gave Rs.50 for two samosa’s and he didn’t speak any word and left.

Good Lesson to become Entrepreneur!!💪🏻👑👑💪🏻

A pastor's vision of spirits of lust


I travelled to Kumasi yesterday from Cape Coast. A pastor friend wanted me to preach for him at Nhyira FM but I was very tired after escorting my Father to the bus terminal. I slept around 10:20 pm. Not quite long after laying on the bed, I heard God calling me audibly so I woke up. When I checked my time, it was 11:30pm. Suddenly, I felt the urge to pray so I left the bedroom to the parlour and started praying.

All of a sudden, my eyes opened and I was in another realm. I saw an array of ladies both young and old, very beautiful, coming from the sea side. And I asked God; Who are these? And he said, *"These are Marine spirits that have been commissioned by the devil to drag many to the kingdom of darkness. His time is almost up and he has vowed to cause many to fall"*. I asked, why women? He responded, *"they are not really women but are evil spirits that have taken a feminine form."*

So I asked; what is their mission and he said, See! All of a sudden I saw, people having sex. What amazed me was that some were having sex by the wayside, some in bushes, some on Beaches, some in offices and in open places. So, I asked why?  And he said *"these are sent to spread lust and cause many to fall into the sin of fornication."* He said, *"very soon, fornication will be legalized."*

*"The spirits are meant to befriend many young ladies, show them care and eventually initiate them to be used by the enemy."*   I saw many young ladies.
Unsuspecting ladies being initiated and as soon as they were initiated, they had an insatiable desire for sex.

I also saw Sugar mummies luring young men with money and cars. Right after sleeping with them, they are gone.

I saw new dresses being introduced.
Dresses that expose all parts of the body. In fact, I saw a very fair lady that was almost naked. About 3 quarter of her breast was exposed and the dress she wore was very transparent that one could virtually see her nakedness. Then I saw many people buying these dresses; skimpy short skirts and transparent leggings and blouses that expose the cleavage. Bleaching of the skin was on the rise. I saw them pouring potions on the eye to lure men with their eyes.

*"Tell the church to watch"*, he said. *"They will try to enter the church, target pastors and members,  especially from choirs."*   I saw members of the church being possessed and sleeping with each other. Amazingly, I saw two ladies in a particular choir that were lesbians.
Then I saw men of God sleeping with members. Some slept with members before they mounted pulpits.

I saw that pastors are battling within because there is not just a crack but an opening on the wall. Satan has entered their lives. Some were caught in the web of pornography and masturbation. In fact, I saw a particular pastor watching pornography and masturbating in his room. To him the room was locked and he thought no one was seeing him but I saw that the wall to his room facing the public was broken and people were watching him without his knowledge. And God said to me *"Whatever is being done in secret is already open."*

I also saw women becoming unsubmissive and disrespectful to their husbands and  this act frustrated husbands to fall prey to these spirits when they left home.

I saw many being manipulated through food and clothes. And I saw many chains as well. And he said to me, *"these are chains of addiction that has kept many people in sexual bondage."*

Some women were showering enchanted gifts to Pastors and were gradually changing their status.

*"Tell my people to stay within the boundaries of my word. Let them not depart from them. Tell them to watch and pray. Let them be focused on me and this will help them avoid every distraction of the enemy."*

BlTTER TRUTH: - Believe it or not, accept it or not.

You can speak in tongues and miss heaven.

You can "win souls" and miss heaven.

You can see vision and miss heaven.

You can cast out devil and miss heaven.

You can perform miracles and still miss heaven.

You can read the whole bible and miss heaven.

You can attend all fellowship activities and camp meetings and miss heaven.

You can have anointing and miss heaven.

You can have all spiritual gifts and miss heaven.

You can wield power and auction and still miss heaven.

But you cannot live a HOLY LIFE AND MISS HEAVEN.


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